SUPER (2017)

Super (2017)


In 2016, my grandfather passed away unexpectedly.

Amidst a hefty and unplanned task of relocating my grandmother from Spain back to England, cupboards were emptied, draws raided, and a load of old Super 8 cartridges were found. My uncle processed the stock onto digital, and the home movie footage, till then untouched for decades, did the rounds of the extended family. In an age where we record everything, there was something so special about the carefully captured moments of my mum's childhood. Places and people who I'd conjured up images of in my mind were suddenly there, and for the first time I was given a unique glimpse into a time gone by.

SUPER was not made for festivals or for a global audience, but for family.

ORIGINAL SCORE - Segun Akinola, DISTRIBUTION - Little Dot’s Tall Tales